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Kestrels 30th Worcester Tournament

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Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February 2014, at Kestrels Archery Club. Three of our members shot this, and all got club records and PBs. As with many indoor rounds you can shoot it twice, your first score counts as a single round and the combined scores count as a double… Read more »

Club Target Day

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Sunday 2nd Feb 2013, shooting a National and assorted 252s. It was a nice sunny day but a bit windy (16mph) and cold. Lots of club records as we continue shooting the 252, but no new handicaps or classifications because a) it was too windy and b) the 252s can’t… Read more »

Club Target Evening

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During our first evening at Buntingford.

Thursday 30th Jan 2014, shooting a Plymouth. Apologies for the parking issues, nobody had told us that there was a parents’ evening. Apparently one or two members couldn’t get parked, gave up and went home. Despite that we had a respectable twelve or thirteen people in attendance and we have… Read more »