Selby Summer League 2014

If you’re interested, you can read the rules and see the complete leagues.

 Our Divisions

There are twenty-two Recurve divisions, nine Compound divisions and ten Longbow divisions. This is the first season that we’ve put up a Longbow team so we had to go in the lowest division there.

Recurve A Team – Division 15

  1. Rutland B
  2. Guildford C
  3. Bowmen of St. Marys C
  4. Clophill B
  5. Royston Heath A
  6. Archers of Raunds A

Recurve B Team – Division 22

  1. Chichester C
  2. Royston Heath B
  3. Bowmen of Gower C
  4. Archers of East Riding C
  5. ABBA C
  6. Bye

Compound Team – Division 6

  1. Archers of East Riding
  2. Harlequin A
  3. Bayeux B
  4. Rutland
  5. Royston Heath
  6. Bowmen of St. Marys B

Longbow Team – Division 10

  1. Bowmen of St. Marys
  2. Royston Heath
  3. Chichester
  4. Rutland
  5. Club AZ
  6. Bye


 Our Fixtures

Our TeamMayJunJulAugSep
Recurve AClophill B
Rutland B
Guildford CArchers of Raunds ABowmen of St. Marys C
Recurve BBowmen of Gower CByeABBA CArchers of East Riding CChichester C
CompoundRutlandArchers of East RidingHarlequin ABowmen of St. Marys BBayeux B
LongbowChichesterByeClub AZRutlandBowmen of St. Marys

Entries and Results

Recurve Division 15

Royston Heath A550688415
Guildford C541544313
Clophill B52359449
Rutland B52358569
Archers of Raunds A52335439
Bowmen of St. Mary's C20502

Recurve Division 22

Royston Heath B550472715
Archers of East Riding C541397413
Chichester C51426397
ABBA C51411867
Bowmen of Gower C50515825

Compound Division 6

Royston Heath541575913
Archers of East Riding541519513
Harlequin A42329219
Bayeaux B50527595
Bowmen of St. Mary's B50502

Longbow Division 10

Royston Heath541114513
Club AZ541105513
Bowmen of St. Mary's20502


Adam GolabRecurve
Andrew CoxRecurve
Andy WebbRecurve
Bill HailsCompound
Bill JonesRecurve
Craig OveringtonRecurve
Dave BarrettCompound, Longbow
Deborah MartinRecurve
Guy MorroghRecurve
Jack CorpsRecurve
John AlboneRecurve
Michael WrightRecurve
Mick BreedonRecurve
Neil BrewLongbow
Paul WilliamsRecurve
Phil ChambersLongbow, Compound
Stuart TongueLongbow
William HughesCompound