Range Layout

Our range layout

Location and Layout of our range at Royston Heath

Our range is set out according to the requirements of the GNAS, as described in the document Rules of Shooting, Appendix C. We have the requisite 10 yards from the shooting line to the side boundaries, as well as 20 yards from the 100 yard line to the side boundaries and a minimum 50 yard overshoot inside the back boundary. The range has been inspected and certified by an accredited ArcheryGB judge. The diagram above is only approximate.

The distances are marked out on the ground with screw-in “brushes” like these:

The Shooting Line

The Shooting Line

The yellow and white brushes together in the photo above mark out the shooting line, one pair at each side of the range. Behind the shooting line a white brush at either end locates the waiting line. In front of the shooting line, down each side of the range, yellow brushes mark out the metric distances from 10 metres to 90 metres and white brushes mark the imperial distances from 10 yards to 100 yards.