Selby Summer League 2017

Royston Heath participate in the Selby Summer Postal Leagues. This is a monthly competition between May and September each year. Archers shoot the Short Metric round for each fixture and results are sent to the league organiser so he can determine the result from each postal match. Royston have had several successes since joining the leagues. Our 2017 seasons results are below.

2017 – Fixtures and Results
Recurve A Division 4
May: Royston Heath 1604 vs 1567 Ebor Archers
June: Royston Heath 1588 vs 1555 Exeter A
July: Royston Heath 1679 vs 1737 High Weald
August: Royston Heath 1688 vs 1374 Goldcrest B
September: Royston Heath 1644 vs 1715 Wilford A

High Weald A550886315
Wilford A541859013
Royston Heath A532820311
Exeter A51482267
Goldcrest B50578035

Recurve B Division 17
May: Royston Heath B 1253 [1487] vs 1340 Castle B
June: Royston Heath B 1340 [1400] vs 0 Llantarnam Jnrs A
July: Royston Heath B 1008 vs 859 Gravesend C
August: Royston Heath B 1305 [1435] vs 1318 Leaves Green B
September: Royston Heath B 1348 vs 1146 Clophill B

Castle B550667015
Royston Heath B532625411
Llantarnam Junior A532484311
Leaves Green B52351989
Gravesend C52347459
Clophill B50523105

Compound Division 8
May: Royston Heath 1182 vs 608 Rutland B
June: Royston Heath 1150 vs 1035 Bayeux A
July: Royston Heath 1205 vs 1284 [1316] Blue Arrows
August: Royston Heath 1189 vs 574 Kirby Muxloe
September: Royston Heath 1044 vs Bye

Blue Arrows550582515
Royston Heath541577013
Rutland B532467411
Bayeux A42253679
Kirby Muxloe50529325