Classifications and Handicaps

You can judge your progress in archery not just by all the medals you’re going to win, but also by your classification and your handicap. If you shoot more than one type of bow, you will have a separate classification and handicap for each type of bow that you shoot. You will also have a separate classification and handicap for the  indoor and outdoor seasons.


In order to gain a classification, you must submit three correctly filled in score cards signed and witnessed with the required scores for that classification to the club’s records officer. The three scores have to have been shot in one season. You must maintain your classification from year to year by continuing to submit scores.

The required scores for classifications are calculated from handicaps, but unlike handicaps they are bow, gender and age specific, so give a better indication of how skilful you are with your chosen bow type. For example a Third Class Adult Recurve Gent is equivalent to a handicap of 58, whereas a Third Class U16 Recurve Gent is equivalent to a handicap of 71. Of course having a certain handicap is not the same as having that classification: only certain longer rounds qualify for the higher classifications, and you actually have to shoot those rounds to qualify.

Our handicaps and classifications tables show all of the equivalences between handicaps and classifications (outdoor only at the moment).

When a junior moves up an age group, their new classification is calculated from their best three qualifying scores in the twelve months prior to their birthday, treated as though they were shot in the new age group.

The indoor and outdoor seasons have completely different Classification systems. In both cases in order to achieve a particular classification you have to enter three correctly completed score sheets with the requisite scores, within a single season. You can see what scores you need on our Classifications Calculator.

Indoor Classifications

The indoor classifications are single letters, A through H where A is the highest classification and H is the lowest.

Awarded Indoor Classifications

Deborah MartinRecurve21/06/201320/10/201624/11/2016
Jack CorpsRecurve10/10/201508/03/2016
William HughesCompound10/11/201301/02/2014
Mick SparkesCompound01/12/201630/03/2017
Paul WilliamsRecurve29/09/2016
Jamie CattrellRecurve26/01/2017
Michael WrightRecurve20/10/2016
Andrew CoxRecurve08/12/2016
Chris HillsRecurve13/10/201627/10/2016
Dave BarrettCompound16/11/201125/01/2012
Craig OveringtonRecurve20/10/201623/03/2017
Gary SinclairRecurve29/09/201620/10/2016
Peter StaceyCompound20/10/2016
Martin ArberRecurve16/02/2017
John AlboneRecurve29/09/201613/10/2016
Robert LodgeRecurve29/09/201609/03/2017
Sam PaveyRecurve02/03/201709/03/2017
Craig EastonRecurve02/03/2017
Mick BreedonRecurve13/10/201620/10/2016
Danielle AlboneRecurve16/02/2017
Paul ManningRecurve06/10/2016
Andrew HughesU14 Compound10/11/2013
David MorisonRecurve13/10/2016
Philippa MartinU18 Recurve

Outdoor Classifications

The outdoor classifications are, from lowest to highest:

  • Third Class
  • Second Class
  • First Class
  • (Junior) Bowman
  • (Junior) Master Bowman
  • Grand Master Bowman

There isn’t a Junior Grand Master Bowman classification.

An archer without a classification is called an Archer. An unclassified archer in their first season is called a Novice.

Awarded Outdoor Classifications

ArcherBow StyleThirdSecondFirstBowman
Phil ChambersCompound19/05/1301/12/1314/09/1425/05/15
Michael WrightRecurve08/07/1209/06/1318/06/1518/09/16
Jack CorpsRecurve07/08/1412/10/1408/02/1516/06/16
Daniel DawesU12 Compound22/04/1213/05/12
Jasmine StaceyU12 Barebow19/04/1521/05/1528/05/1506/09/15
Robert RussellU14 Recurve05/06/0504/07/05
Cambell LudlowU12 Recurve28/09/1430/11/14
Andrew HughesU16 Compound22/06/1428/09/14
Fraser ClaphamU12 Longbow28/07/1631/07/1626/10/16
William HughesCompound09/06/1308/09/1326/06/14
Peter StaceyCompound05/10/1412/10/1426/04/15
Bill HailsCompound07/08/1002/09/1219/06/14
Paul WilliamsRecurve16/08/0919/06/1405/06/15
Deborah MartinRecurve20/09/0915/08/1009/11/14
Jamie HomewoodU14 Recurve31/07/16
Vito MineiRecurve10/05/9831/05/98
Penny HatfieldRecurve31/05/98
Sam PaveyRecurve09/04/1729/10/2017
Mick SparkesCompound24/04/1628/05/17
John AlboneRecurve18/10/1527/11/16
James HitchU14 Recurve13/05/1227/05/12
Deborah MartinBarebow25/08/16
Coomaren VencatasawmyRecurve04/06/1724/09/17
Cameron WebbU12 Barebow28/06/1523/08/15
Andrew HughesU14 Compound18/08/1322/09/13
Stuart TongueLongbow15/06/1422/06/14
David BroadhurstRecurve16/08/0920/09/09
Dave BarrettCompound01/05/1117/11/13
Martin ArberRecurve10/05/1516/08/15
Paul FranklinRecurve29/06/9713/07/97
Jacob Asquith-FoxU14 Recurve22/04/1213/05/12
Fraser ClaphamU14 Longbow03/09/17
Yvonne ClaphamCompound03/07/1601/09/16
Jamie CattrellRecurve01/08/1506/09/15
Guy MorroghRecurve10/08/1406/09/15
Philippa MartinU18 Compound26/06/1403/07/14
Andrew CoxRecurve05/06/1202/06/13
John SharpRecurve10/05/9805/07/98
Stuart JohnsonRecurve31/07/96
Philippa MartinU14 Recurve30/08/09
Peter StaceyBarebow29/12/13
Adam GolabU16 Recurve29/05/11
Simon AriesCompound27/07/08
Dominic ShipleyBarebow26/05/13
Philippa MartinU16 Recurve25/09/11
Dave WoodRecurve24/05/98
Maurenn GisbyRecurve24/05/98
Dave BarrettRecurve23/10/05
Ruth VincentRecurve22/09/13
Keir MorroghU14 Compound21/09/14
Mark NashRecurve20/09/98
Sam JonesU14 Recurve18/11/12
Dave BarrettLongbow17/08/14
Adam GolabRecurve16/07/15
Neil BrewLongbow15/06/14
Adam GolabU18 Recurve14/10/12
Georgina HopwoodBarebow13/07/14
Stephen GibneyRecurve13/05/98
Philippa MartinLongbow07/08/16
Andy WebbRecurve11/08/13
Sam JonesU16 Recurve11/08/13
Craig OveringtonRecurve06/10/13
Helen Andre CrippsLongbow02/06/13
Michael FarrowRecurve06/05/12
Nick HindleRecurve10/07/11
Paul FranklinCompound04/07/05
Gary O'NeillRecurve07/06/98


Handicaps range from 100 to 0 and scores for every round shot have an associated handicap. As you submit scores to the club records officer, your handicap should hopefully reduce as you become more proficient. The way your handicap is calculated (see below) means it is unlikely that your handicap will ever rise as long as you keep submitting scores.

Handicaps are not bow, gender or age related. They are purely an indication of how accurate you are. In other words, any two archers with the same handicap should be capable of the same score for any given round, regardless of age, gender or bow type.

Your handicap is only used directly in handicap matches, to calculate an allowance which is added to your score. This means that if you shoot better than your handicap would suggest in a handicap match you have a good chance of winning.

How your Handicap is Calculated

Every score that you submit for a recognised round has a handicap rating. Whenever you enter a score with a lower (better) handicap rating than your current handicap, your new handicap is calculated as the average of your current handicap and that score’s handicap rating, rounded up to the nearest whole number. However, your first handicap is the average of the handicap ratings of your first three submitted scores.

End of season re-assessment

At the end of each season (January 1st for outdoor and July 1st for indoor) Your handicap is re-assessed as the average of your three best scores’ handicap ratings for the season, rounded up to the next whole number. If you only submitted one or two scores that season then your handicap will be the average of your previous season’s assessment and the ratings for those scores. If you submitted no scores in a season, your handicap remains at your last decided handicap until you do submit a score.