Handicap Improvement

Archery GB Handicap Medal
In 2020 the club decided to add the Archery GB handicap medal to the list of awards presented to club members for their outdoor handicap improvements. This award has slightly different requirements to our own Großalmerode Trophy so award winners may be different.

2020 – Tammy Lai (56 – 51)

Großalmerode Trophy
In October 2016, Royston’s twin town Großalmerode brought a couple of archers (Michael Soeder and Martin Trebing) over to meet and shoot with our club as part of the twinning event that year. After a successful shoot, they presented the club with a trophy. This trophy will be awarded to the archer with the most improved handicap during the previous outdoor season. Archers eligible must have started shooting at least one year prior to the 1st of January of the shooting season.

2016 – Gary Sinclair (80 to 51)
2017 – Coomaren Vencatasawmy (63 to 47)
2018 – Molly van Poortvilet
2019 – Craig Overington (53 to 44)
2020 – Craig Overington (43 to 37)

Novice Handicap Trophy
This award complements the Großalmerode trophy and is presented to those who have been shooting less than one year prior to the 1st of January of the shooting season.

2018 – Alice Clark
2019 – Gavin Davis (76 to 54)
2020 – Chris Harding (69 to 55)

Indoor Handicap Improvement Trophy
Following on from the successful introduction of the Großalmerode Trophy, the club introduced a similar award to reward the archer with the most improved indoor handicap. The award was first presented after the 2016/2017 indoor season.

2016/17 – Mick Sparkes (41 to 32)
2017/18 – Mark Bishop (60 to 49)
2018/19 –
2019/20 – Tammy Lai (54 – 44)