Royston Heath Archery Club is run on behalf of its members by the club committee. Each year at the AGM the existing committee stands down and a fresh election is undertaken for the membership of the new committee.  In line with many small organisations, it is not unusual for members of the old committee to continue in the same role on the new one. This is largely because no-one else puts themselves forward. If you believe that there is a role for you on the committee, please speak to one of the current committee for more details. Below are the current members who hold positions on the committee.

Michael Wright: Chairman
Yvonne Clapham: Secretary
Deborah Martin: Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Equipment Officer
Chris Harding: Webmaster
Jack Corps: Records Officer, League Competitions Officer
Andrew Cox: Publicity Officer, Open Competitions Officer
John Albone: Equipment Officer

Click below  to find out more about each role on the committee and Club Members can see minutes from previous AGMs and Committee meetings.