Target Awards

The Target Award scheme is exclusive to Royston Heath archers designed to reward the participation of archers in the HAA Summer and Winter Leagues. Awards are available for the Frostbite and Portsmouth Winter Leagues, as well as the Short Metric Summer League. Shooting the qualifying round outside of a league shoot does not allow you to claim an award. Scores do not have to count towards the team total for awards to be achieved. Awards for each round have six different levels based on score. Minimum qualifying scores for each award are in the table below. Scores have to be achieved once to claim each level of the award. Awards can be claimed in any order. Scores can only be counted for one level of award at a time. For example, if you shoot a black score you can claim black or white or green level, not all three. Each level can only be claimed once. Junior archers can claim the Short Metric award by shooting the round appropriate to their age group.


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