HAA Summer League 2022

Below are our fixtures and results from the 2022 HAA Summer League. This year we returned to face to face competition with home and away fixtures. It proved to be a highly successful season for our recurve archers. With five out of five matches ending in victory, Our Recurve team were crowned Hertfordshire Summer League Champions 2022!

May: Hertford Company of Archers
Recurve: Royston Heath 2717 vs 1780 HCA

June: Green Dragon Bowmen
Recurve: Royston Heath 2628 vs 2175 Green Dragon

July: Elswood Bowmen
Recurve: Royston Heath 2615 vs 2578 Elswood

August: Average
Recurve: Royston Heath 2752 vs 2553 Average

September: Howard Bowmen
Recurve: Royston Heath 2664 vs 2402 Howard