Bow International Internet League 2016

In 2016, Royston Heath have entered the Bow International 70m internet leagues. Members who wish to participate are welcome to do so. Both individual and team competitions are available. The aim of The BOW International Internet League is to develop a form of competitive archery where clubs and groups of archery friends can shoot together in a relaxed atmosphere – at a pace they like – in order to produce their very best performance.


The BOW International Internet League is designed to enable teams and individuals to judge how they are progressing, both locally and internationally. The rules are designed to be smart but casual. There is no stipulation as to when or where the six rounds are to be shot: an individual or team is quite at liberty to [attempt to] shoot all six or 18 rounds in a 24 hour period. Likewise, two archers can be shooting their sixth and final rounds with an archer who is shooting their first round. Three archers from the same team are at liberty to shoot together on the same target. A club may decide to shoot the 70 metre round on the second Sunday of the month, or two friends may phone each other and say: “It’s a nice day, let’s go down to the club and shoot a league round now”. Exactly how shooting is organised is left to clubs.

However, the scoring must always be rigorous. There is only really one rule: An archer must state that they are shooting a BOW International League round before they start scoring. Obviously there is no way in which the organisers can enforce this rule, so it is down to the honour of the archers taking part, in the spirit of Union, Trueheart, and Courtesie (GNAS spelling).

  • Individual Competition: The best three scores are added together and ranked
  • Team competition: Three archers each shoot six rounds, a total of 18 scores.
    The competitions are available for Men’s, Women’s & Cadet Recurve/Compound/Longbow/Barebow Individual and Teams.

The league runs: 1st January – 30th September in any given year.

Full details can be found at