Selby League 2019

Royston Heath participate in the Selby Summer Postal Leagues. This is a monthly competition between May and September each year. Archers shoot the Short Metric round for each fixture and results are sent to the league organiser so he can determine the result from each postal match. Royston have had several successes since joining the leagues. Our 2019 season fixtures and results are below.

2019 – Fixtures and Results
Recurve A Division 2
May: Royston Heath 1717 vs 1811 Trackside Archers
June: Royston Heath 1728 vs 1744 High Weald
July: Royston Heath 1669 vs 1615 Exeter
August: Royston Heath 1552 vs 1682 Bebington A
September: Royston Heath 1602 vs 1686 Friars Gate A

Recurve B Division 7
May: Royston Heath B 1503 vs 1279 Leek
June: Royston Heath B 1521 vs 1260 1066 Archery Club
July: Royston Heath B 1450 vs 1428 Bognor Regis A
August: Royston Heath B 1443 vs 1661 Surrey Bowmen
September: Royston Heath B 1357 vs 1226 Beacon Archers