Club Target Day

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Sunday 27th April 2014, shooting a Warwick and 252s.

We’re transitioning to a new records system which differs from the old one in that it recognises all the rounds we shoot as eligible for handicap assessment, whereas the old system only recognised the official rounds. There is precedent for this as the official handicap tables include scores and handicaps for “anonymous” rounds identified only by distance, face size and scoring. This means that where the old system might report a handicap improvement on a particular day, chances are the new system says you’ve already achieved that, or better.

From now on these Club Target Evening/Day write-ups will be based off the new system, which you can see here.

Personal Bests

  • Andrew Cox
  • Bill Hails
  • Bill Jones (first 3rd class score of the season)
  • Cameron Webb
  • Campbell Ludlow (first qualifying White 252)
  • Daniel Dawes
  • Guy Morrogh

Handicap Improvements

  • Cameron Webb
  • Campbell Ludlow
  • Philippa Martin (compound)

Club Records

  • Cameron Webb
  • Campbell Ludlow
  • Daniel Dawes

Classification Confirmations

At the end of each season, archers are re-classified on their three best qualifying scores from that season. A “classification confirmation” happens when they re-achieve their end of season classification by putting in the requisite scores in the new season.

  • Andy Webb (Third Class)
  • Michael Wright (Second Class)