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Target Pictures

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This Image shows a target face scaled down to represent the different distances. If the central target represents 20 (meters or yards) then the next biggest is 30 (20 ⁄ 30 × the size), then 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100.

Club Target Evening

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Thursday 5th June 2014 shooting 252s. A clear sky so the evening sunlight made it difficult. Club Records Andrew Cox – Gents Recurve – Bronze 252 Peter Stacey – Gents Barebow – Red 252 Philippa Martin – Ladies U18 Compound – Blue 252 Personal Bests Andrew Cox Craig Overington John… Read more »

Club Target Day

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Sunday 1st June 2014, shooting a :National, a FITA 60 and assorted 252s. Beautiful shooting conditions, bright sunshine and hardly a breath of wind. We had week 6 beginners shooting 252s with us today. Club Records Andrew Cox – Gents Barebow White 252 Andrew Hughes – Gents U16 Compound –… Read more »