Club Target Day

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Sunday 26th October shooting a :National, a FITA 70 and 252s.

Note to our new members: we’re still consolidating a list of new members’ names and categories etc. so we’re hanging on to your scores but can’t enter them yet. Don’t worry, once we have all your details on file the scores you submitted today will appear in the report below as well as among the club records.

Additionally, there is a minor bug in the reporting system which means it will happily dish out 252 awards out of sequence even though the rules state that you cannot claim the awards out of sequence. For that reason we can’t enter 252 scores out of sequence at the moment, and if you don’t see your score here that’s why. Work is in progress to fix this bug and we hope to have the missing scores entered within a day or so, when they won’t appear as qualifying 252 scores.

Personal Bests

  • Bill Hails - recurve - Black 252

Handicap Improvements

  • Bill Hails - outdoor recurve - 66

Club Records

  • Jasmine Stacey - Ladies U12 barebow - White 252

You can see all the scores here.