Selby Provisional Results

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The final results of the Selby Postal League won’t be announced until after the 8th of Oct, possibly quite a while after, but our opponents scores for September have been recieved, so these are our predictions. Please take with a pinch of salt but some of our members have been asking how we’re doing. You can check the details on the Selby 2014 page.

Recurve Division 15 – Royston A vs. Bowmen of St. Mary’s C.

Currently we’re top of this league, leading Guildford C 12 points to 10. Fortunately (for us) BoSM have pulled out of the competition so we have a bye and a guaranteed win this month, meaning we should win league division 15.

Recurve Division 22 – Royston B vs. Chichester C.

We’re currently top of this division, 2 points ahead of Archers of East Riding C. We put in a score of 1049 which exceeds the division threshold of 1020 and so got adjusted back down to 991 (1049 − 1020 = 29; 1020 − 29 = 991). Chichester actually beat us on raw score, but because they scored even higher: 1339, they got adjusted down even further to 701. According to the rules that means we won and therefore win the league. The rules do seem very unfair, but we shouldn’t complain about winning.

Compound Division 6 – Royston vs. Bayeax B.

We’re currently joint top of this league with Archers of East Riding on 10 point each, but we’re 719 ahead of them on score. We’ve just recieved the Bayeax B score and beat them (rather unfairly, as they only had a single archer putting in a score,) nonetheless we get a win and even if AoER also win they can’t catch us on points so we should win division 6.

Longbow Division 10 – Royston vs. Bowmen of St. Marys.

We’re currently second on points, we have 10 and Club AZ have 12, however we’re actually ahead on total score. We also get a bye this month because of BoSM pulling out, so if Club AZ loose then we will win the league. We only get our opponents scores, not the scores of all the clubs in the league, so we won’t know until we get the official results in this case.


We should feel pleased with ourselves. In 20 matches (our 4 teams × 5 months) 15 of which were real matches (not byes, so not a guaranteed win) we’ve lost only 2.