A Big Day

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On Sunday, 29th of September 2013  we had a different kind of club record: the largest number of medals and new classifications ever announced in one day at the club. It seems that for many of our members their efforts are bearing fruit.  We had five new classifications and four medals, two gold, one silver and a bronze to award on that one day.

In no particular order, the classifications:

  • Ruth Vincent—Third Class Ladies Recurve.
  • Andy Webb—Third Class Gents Recurve.
  • Helen Cripps—Second Class Ladies Longbow.
  • William Hughes—Second Class Gents Compound.
  • Andrew Hughes—Second Class Gents U14 Compound.

And for the medals, all won at the Kestrels Double :National Competition a few weeks back:

  • William Hughes—Gold medal for a Warwick, Gents compound.
  • Daniel Dawes—Gold Medal for a Junior Warwick, Gents U14 Compound.
  • Andrew Cox—Silver medal for a Warwick, Gents Recurve.
  • Bill Hails—Bronze medal for the combined :National + Warwick, Gents Compound.

Well done to everyone.